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NHS Hand Mirror


Round 2.25” hand mirrors that feature various images of artifacts from Newport’s storied past.

Moon: Moon is on a clock face made by William Claggett.

Boat: A close-up of James Nicholson’s painting, Newport Harbor.

China: Chinese export porcelain plate that belonged to Godfrey Malbone.

Map: A stylized map of the Washington Square area

Brown: The doorknob on a door in the Seventh Day Baptist Meeting House.

Crown: Image of rhinestone brooch in the collections of the Newport Historical Society.

Friends: A zoomed in image from The Parade painting.

Pink: Flower embroidered on William Ellery’s chair.

Calendar: Photograph of dial from a clock face that depicts the days of the week,

Silhouette: Silhouette of Mrs. Charles B. Weaver, details of hat and collar drawn in pencil.