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Threads of Life: A History of the World Through the Eye of a Needle

Threads of Life is a compelling and beautifully written account of how marginalized peoples throughout history have used the language of sewing, embroidery, and textiles to tell their neglected stories.”

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Threads of Life is a chronicle of identity, protest, memory, power, and politics told through the stories of needlework. Clare Hunter, master of the craft, threads her own narrative as she takes us over centuries and across continents—from medieval France to contemporary Mexico and the United States, and from a POW camp in Singapore to a family attic in Scotland—to celebrate the age-old, universal, and underexplored beauty and power of sewing. Threads of Life is an evocative and moving book about the need we have to tell our story. 

By Clare Hunter. Published by Abrams, 2019. 320 pages, hardcover.