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Shoreby Hill Pier c. 1911


Before 1900, a group of developers thought Jamestown should have a community of homes, close to the center of town, that showcased the sophistication and wealth of its summer residents. To this end, Ernest W. Bowditch (who had recently designed Tuxedo Park NY) was hired to design and fashion this community. It was named Shoreby Hill.

A promenade that paralleled the water, stone pillars at the foot of both entrances and a pier that jutted 300’ into Narragansett Bay showcased the project.

James Mapes Dodge, an international mechanical engineering genius, and one of many Philadelphians who summered in Jamestown had chosen Shoreby Hill as the location for his cottage. In this photograph, Mr. Dodge is sharing a silly moment with his wife Josephine on the Shoreby Hill pier. Behind them to their left is a dreadnought warship, possibly the USS Wyoming, based at that time at the Newport Navy Base.

An archival image printed on 100% cotton rag paper using the carbon-based Piezography printing process.