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Newport's History on the Silver Screen

Emily Hughes

Newport seems about as far away from Hollywood as you can get, but that's not necessarily true. In fact, Newport has served as the backdrop for multiple Academy Award nominated films throughout history. In 1974, the lovely vistas of Marble House and Rosecliff provided the backdrop for the Academy Award winning film The Great Gatsby. In 2012, viewers of Best Original Screenplay nominee Moonrise Kingdom also enjoyed views of Trinity Church and Castle Hill Light. The Newport Historical Society has its own claim to Oscar fame as well. The multi-nominated and critically acclaimed 1997 hit Amistad used NHS's own Colony House as a set piece during crucial scenes.

In honor of Newport's time on the silver screen, we're hosting our first annual Oscar Contest! To enter, simply fill out your Oscar ballot here with your best guesses of who will take home Oscar glory during the 91st Academy Awards. Ballots will also be available at the Museum of Newport History and Shop at 127 Thames St in Washington Square.

Why participate? For the fabulous prizes, of course! Aside from eternal bragging rights, anyone who correctly guesses the winners of all 24 Academy Award categories will be entered into a drawing to win a $50 gift certificate to the Museum and Shop. Not 100% confident in your predictions? Don't worry! Anyone who correctly guesses at least 10 award winners will be entered separately into a drawing for a gift set of our best movie night supplies, pictured above.

Lucky contest winners will be notified on Monday, February 25. With permission, they'll also be featured on social media. 

Link not working? Find your NHS Oscar Ballot Here: https://goo.gl/forms/zCooWL5MimwuGMG73

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